Thursday, May 27, 2010

Levi is 3!!!

My baby is 3!!! I can't believe that Levi turned 3 last week! Time sure has flown by and I am happy to say that we have enjoyed every minute of it. Levi is the sweetest spirit and is such a joy to our family. When he was a baby he was a crazy little thing, but he has turned out be this sweet, sensitive, caring, curious, loving big boy. He loves to be a big brother and have Lucas follow him around and to show Luke the way for a lot of things. He is creative and very smart. Learning more every day, even shocking us with it. I can not express my love for my kids and watching them grow has been the best gift I could ever receive.

Levi Durrell Johnson

P.S. We had some marvelous parties for him and I will post those asap!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A few words

In my post below I forget to share a few things. I want to say how greatful I am to have the calling as a mother. I am so in love with my kids and I could not feel more blessed to have them. I feel blessed to have to calling of watching over these children on this earth and raise them to be worthy so we can all be together forever. These boys have changed my life. I have a new out look on life. These crazy, fun, beautiful boys are the loves of my life and I am proud to call myself a mom.
I am also so greatful for my moms. My mother has been one of my best friends and I look up to her in so many ways. She is such a strong woman and she has always tought me to be strong. My mother-in-law is the same way. She looks for the good in everyone and makes me want to do the same. I love my mothers and am so greatful for them! Happy Mother's Day!!

Mommy's day!!

Mother's Day was so much fun! I woke up to breakfast in bed and then got to sleep in. I got to open my present and Dan got me the most beautiful jewelry box! I have needed one for so long! When I opened it there was a beautiful earings and necklas set I saw at IFA...yes, IFA:) After church the whole family came over and we had a scrumptious BBQ and played around. After we went to Dan's mom's to see her. On Monday my sister-in-law Carolina, andI took my mother-in-law to dinner at Outback and to see the Back-Up Plan while Dan babysat all her kids! We had a lot of fun!! For my mom, the whole family got her a beach bike cruiser she has wanted for a few years! It is so cute!!

Dan putting together the bike
Keri and I. We are all very sunburned from the yard sale we had over the weekend, so dont mind the red noses:)

This is just disgusting
Don't mind my hair in these pictures...I really don't know what it'sdoing lately
My jewelry box and I am wearing the jewelry I got

My adorable parents
All the kids...and Lyssa
kids and our mommy
this is how family pictures turn out at our house

My mommy and I!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to the blog!

Life has been so busy I have refused to take timeout to blog! Now I have 3 months to catch up on....So...we are still living with my parents and enjoying it, even though there are a lot of challenges. The boys love it! We are in the middle of potty training Levi and that is SO hard! I didn't know how hard it would be! He is doing well and we are sticking to it! Easter was fun with the family! We got together for egg hunts and parties! We have had some big challenges in our big family. I will explain as the pictures come up! Hope you are ready for a million pictures!

Lucas is so in love with his uncle Dave! He always wants to sit with him and eat his food and play peek-a-boo on his bed:)

My sister Chelsea's little 4 month old baby has been in the hospital with problems with his liver. He doesn't have anything to drain his lever. He is really yellow and has a very bloated tummy. they finally took him to the ER and have found out all of that. He had to have surgery called Kasai. His Large Intestine had to be rigged up to his liver to help drain. The procedure worked and he is doing well. The bad news is, he will have to have a transplant no matter what in his life. We are just praying for it not to be for a few years, at least. the older he is the better chance he has of getting a donation from an older family member. If he needs it soon, it will have to be from a young baby doner. We have been very emotional and have re learned the meaning of family support and love again. We are so greatfull for fasting and prayer. It has saved us and baby Jordan.

Jordan scar from his Kasai is huge! It covers his whole belly.
As you can see, he was VERY yellow
Jordan being a trooper!

All the easter baskets in the tree.
Grandma and her grandkids minus Jordan.
dont mind me on the phone...
Me and little Luke
Levi and the hood....they always have to have their hoods on

My sweet boys!
One afternoon of snow this is how Dan got them ready to go outside...
chelsea and I at her daughter Ady's birthday party!
My grandpas last visit up!

Levi found grandpas books.

My mom now has chickens! they have had them for a while and Dan has been building her a chicken coop! It took a while because every free weekend or day it was raining! Finally it is done and everyone loves it!
Dan and dad doing the fencing
the fun chickens!
the boys

Lucas will chase them and is the only kid that will just pick them up!
Luke playing wit his great-grandpa

My mom sure is proud!

A little while after we moved in we realized that we would have to find deisel a new home! We were so sad but the house and the yard just couldnt handle him:) He went o family and we can see him whenever we want. We miss him so much!

Also..I have signed up for CNA classes! I will be getting certified and getting a night job! I have been interested for a while and I am going to continue to research nursing schools and might go on the be an RA! I want to contribute to my family and I would love this job! I will keep posting about my classes! I will keep up on the blog now, I promise!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I know I am the worst blogger ever, but I now have a few pics and would like to post them!:) A few weeks ago Dan and I went to a family friends wedding up in Heber. We got to drive around and check out Midway. I never knew how amazing it was! It was so pretty and I got some pics to prove it:)My hubby drivin around
This was s huge house that was literally on the edge of a cliff! So awesome
this was at the Zermott. It was the coolest ice sculpture ever!!!
The wedding was beautiful and the bride was amazing! Congrats Wendy and Tony!